I'm a writer.
I want to be an Oprah-esque columnist.
Do you really know what's going on? Because I have no idea.
Screw it.
Let's dance.
  • @airdubai came on #pandora during my drive home from a long long day of craziness. Love cruising to familiar tunes.

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  • @badrabbits play during this scene in Veronica Mars. Love it! Good music for this movie.

  • I really enjoy this song.

    (Source: Spotify)

  • I’m sorry to see you go… #robinwilliams #restinpeace

  • Recently discovered @beberexha and have a girl crush. #talented #gorgeous #stylish

  • My mom’s coworker showed us the perfect flower from his garden. It’s beautiful!

  • I’m digging the music at Rooster today. #coffeeshop #denver #roosterandmoon (at Rooster & Moon)

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  • "Hands like secrets are the hardest thing to keep from you…" One of my all time favorites @anberlin has been on my playlist all week. Their lyrics and sound are both amazing.

  • @thekatvond tattoos Erykah Badu & it’s gorgeous! If I wanted a face on me, I’d want her to do it. Hands down. #regramapp #music

  • Things that make you remember how single you are while simultaneously loving love. #coryandtopanga #boymeetsworld #truelove

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